Interpriter's day

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International Interpreter’s Day

International Interpreter’s Day is celebrated on 30th of September every year.


St. Jerome is the patron of all interpreters. Saint Jerome Stridonsky translated the Bible into Latin, for which he is the patron saint of interpreters. One of the teachers and the Early Church Fathers, who left a very broad theological heritage. He was born in 331 in the city Stridone in a pious family. Here, he received his primary education, and for the further improvement in the sciences Jerome visited Rome and Gaul. But, he felt the emptiness of secular life, he became a monk and in 372 retired to the stern Halkis Syrian desert, where he lead a strict ascetic life and studied the Holy Writ like Francis of Assisi, Anthony the Great, and others who professed severe austerity in their daily life, he experienced vivid hallucinations, sexual and described in a letter, as should have been beating their breasts, until the fever would not let ego. The most important of Jerome’s wors was the Latin translation of the Old Testament, made on the basis of the Septuagint and the Latin edition versions of the New Testament ( lat. Itala or armor. Vetus Latina), was subsequently called the Vulgate (Latin: Vulgata), as well as a historical work on the men of the famous "(Latin: De viris illustribus). Another of his historical work survived - "The Chronicle" in which he outlined the events of world history beginning with "creationism." The legacy of Jerome were about 120 of his letters.

In Perm, Interpreter’s Day

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In Gorky Regional Library held on 30th of September in 2009 a competition in honor for Interpreter’s Day. The organizer of the competition was an American Corner ACR (American Centers and Corners Russia).

Contestants had to perform one of three tasks: translation of articles from the magazine Crisis Times, translated excerpts from the book by Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code" or the poetic translation of any song by Michael Jackson. The winners were students of PSU and the Perm State Technical University, they were given awards, as well as useful and pleasant gift from the American Corner. After presenting certificates to the participants were proposed a preview of Babylon (Babel) English.

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