"The Scarab" (an Art object in Perm)

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«The Scarab» is a work of modern art by a Kazakh sculptor Moldakul Narymbetov. The sculpture represents a scarab pushing forward a large ball about 4 meters in diameter. It was installed in Perm on October 21, 2011. «The Scarab» is situated in the Garden of Stones, not far from the Perm State University. The most notable feature of the sculpture is the material it is built of. Narymbetov uses old rubber tires, screws and sealant to create most of his works, and «The Scarab» is no exception. In the ancient times, the scarab was considered to be a symbol of the Sun, creation and rebirth. According to Narymbetov, the sculpture represents «the modern civilization which focuses on reconsidering old cultural values instead of creating new ones». Two other works by Narymbetov («The Black Angel» and «The Generator») were presented on the same day as «The Scarab». It took Narymbetov 50 days to complete the three sculptures. He spent more than 1000 tires and about 3000 screws over the course of this work.

Арт-объект «Скарабей» г. Перми

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