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Букреев Павел-4в класс
Викторина по произведению Джека Лондона ” Белый Клык”
Учитель - Мигербишкина Л.В.

Secondary Modern School № 46
Bukreev Pavel Grade 4 V

I’d like to introduce the book ”The White fang”. The main hero is a wolf which had known the people cruelty and violence and fortunately at the end of the story the people kindness and love. We suppose that this kind of quiz can be used in language teaching practice.

                                    The history in the Quiz.

1. Who were White Fang’s parents? Mother-She-wolf-Kiche Father-One Eye Gray Wolf

2. How many wolf-cubs were there? There were five wolf-cubs. Gray cub-White Fang, two sisters, two brothers.
3. Where was the wolf-cave? On the bank of the river Mackenzie.
4. Who called the gray cub “White Fang”? The Indian Gray Beaver.
5. What was the enemy in the Indian village? Puppy Lip-Lip
6. What did White Fang hate? It hated the laugh at it.
7. How long did White Fang live with Grey Beaver? For 5 years.
8. Who did Grey Beaver give White Fang to? To the white man-Beauty Smith.
9. What breeds of the dogs did White Fang fight with? With Mastiff. With Bulldog Cherokee.
10. How did White Fang live in Smith’s place? What Smith’s attitude was to White Fang? He beat it, tied with a chain, teased.
11. Who rescued White Fang? Crack-a-jack mining expert-Weedon Scott.
12. What did Scott do to tame White Fang? Slipped the chain from white Fangs neck and started talking gently.
13. the master’s tapping ? Bit the master.
14. Did the new master punish White Fang for bite? No, it didn’t.
15. What did White Fang do in Scott’s place? In acknowledgment of fealty , White Fang proceeded to take upon himself the guardianship of his master’s property.
16. How did White Fang get out from the closed door? Broke the window, ran to the boat.
17. Where did the master go? To California.
18. How did they get to California? By steamboat, by train, on carriage.
19. How many people were in Scott’s family? Mother and father, 2sisters, a wife and 2 children- a boy 6y.o, a girl-4y.o.
20. Were there any more dogs? Yes, there were. A sheep-dog-Collie and the hound-Dick.
21. How often did White Fang rescue its master? Twice.
22. Who wanted to attack Scott? The prisoner Jim Hall.
23. What did Jim Hall do with White Fang? Jumped upon it, shot three times.
24. How was called White Fang after the accident? The Blessed Wolf.

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