The Vishera's journey, Perm region

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Pisannyi stone at the Vishera

The alloy is a special kind of rest, crossing the river by a catamaran, sitting on a backpack with an oar in your hand. It is pleasure by beauty of the Ural nature, rock-climbing, visiting caves, active games during parking, songs to the guitar around an evening fire and midnight conversations, and a tourist bath is a separate indescribable feeling! During an alloy you are surrounded by constantly changing beautiful landscapes: river bends, islets, grandiose rocks on coast in height to 100 meters which you can climb up to the top. That’s why Vishera is called the most beautiful river of Ural Mountains. Transparent water, feeling of a full unification with the nature – all it does travel unforgettable.

It is also accompanied by fairy tales which Vishera is surrounded by since ancient times. That is the most romantic one of them: At old times two mighty and beautiful athletes-hunters lived at the Most stone belt. In memory of people there were their names - Vetlan and Poljud. Poljud was harmonious, there was remarkable force in his hands, and Vetlan did not concede to a companion, only his height was more lower, but he was wider in shoulders. They hunted in dense woods together, fought with enemies, there was not stronger stone in all district, than the friendship of these two hunters. Time was going on, and the daughter of the great shaman Vishera matured and has become a beautiful girl. Hunters fell in love with the girl and nobody knew who would get her. The great shaman envying glory of the hunters thought how to upset this strong friendship. The shaman decided to ruin athletes and told that he would give the daughter to the one who would throw very heavy stones from the friend to the friend. Competition began; stones from one athlete were departed to another. Vishera has not sustained this torture, rushed between athletes, but it was too late. Athletes filled up with stones each other. Vishera began crying and turned to the river, putting on stone coast in memory of the grooms. And the great shaman, who had lost his favourite daughter, died from a grief at this stone. Since that time Vishera and its inflows wash away beautiful stones-diamonds, they are fine, and there is no price for them, they are tears of the beauty girl, where else will you find them?

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