Sleep in the forest

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a place to stay

Choose a place to stay in the dry forest. Preferable to a coniferous forest, spruce or pine. A place where you are going to settle down, must be dry. Find a little elevation. In no case are not arranged in a hollow pit. Risk in the rain to be in the middle of a pool or creek. Be sure to look where the water will flow. Please note that a number was not dry, inclined to your side of the trees. If the wind rises - they may fall in your favor. Think about where it will fire, and as you stretch polyethylene, making the canopy of the rain. If the length, attached to the corners of the film pitches, not to be missed, they can be extended using the flexible branches of trees. Awning must be installed with a slope of a fire, so that the water could easily drain off. In addition, the polyethylene will reflect the heat on you when you get under it settle down. If the wind came up, try to blow it on the side. Otherwise, it will blow the smoke under the awning. Collect the wood is, until lightly. Better if some wood remains. In the dark, trying to find firewood is dangerous, you can fall into the pit, stumbling on a sharp twig.

Kindle a fire.

For lighting is better to use the lower, dry branches of spruce, pine. You can scrape up the spruce trunks with little resin. Well inflames bark - just be careful: when burning can release burning droplets of tar. If we are really wet, it will help you a knife. It is necessary to split them some withered branch, and nastrogat from the middle of a little kindling.

When a fire breaks out, formed a bit of coal, adds a little deadwood. He has to smoke, to dry and would normally burn. One third of the dry wood can support combustion of two-thirds raw. I should note that lighting fires - is a science. Able to make a fire and maintain a fire in the sodden forest is very difficult. But I do not put the task to tell about the many types of fires, all the intricacies of such a seemingly simple thing - the information can be found on the pages of the numerous tourist sites. I hope you're lucky, the situation will not be so extreme, and you can handle.

The method described above is not the only organization overnight. If the weather is dry, you can spend the night, putting the tent "house" or simply wrapped up in it. In any case, you will be warmer than outdoors. But without a fire can strongly mosquitoes bite, and just more fun with fire overnight.

Does the scary night forest? Scary. Especially the first time. But fear nothing special. Dangerous animals in the Urals, no, the beast will only ogon.Dolzhen notice that the most dangerous beast - a man, but who will go into the woods at night looking, unless you have lit a fire near the town or village. At night the city is much more risk to get into trouble.


By morning, always cool and damp. Be sure to save more firewood this time - will be able to quickly warm up. The mood immediately improved.

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