Podstrelka, village (Dobrjansky area, the Perm region)

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The village Podstrelka, Dobrjansky area, the Perm region was flooded last century, to be more exact in 1954 when filling of the Kamsky water basin had begun because of the construction of Kamsky hydroelectric power station.

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There, where the rivers Chusovaja and Kama merge now half a century ago there were dense woods of the mixed type, water meadows, rare species of animals and plants, numerous lakes and small villages. But the history has introduced the corrective amendments in destiny of this district, and for region development it was necessary to flood it in connection with construction of Kamsky hydroelectric power station. And a unique reminder of former time there is a cape which towers as a monument over a place where there was a village Podstrelka earlier.

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It situated approximately in 500 metres from the cape. On the right side there was the river Kama, and on a left one - the river Chusovaja. From cape to village there were two roads which were communication with nearby villages Galkino Gorodishche, Zalesnaja and collective farm (Dobrjansky area) conducted. Besides, there was one more road conducting from village to Perm. It was necessary for those who needed to reach from village in the next settlements and back. Approximately in 1,5 km from the village the river Kama flowed, where inhabitants went on fishing and also to get over by means of boats on opposite coast of Kama.

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There were about 60 houses in the village among which were both shabby and unsightly, and strong log houses. As a rule, houses were one-storey, with an adjoining household economy where people kept both large and small cattle and poultry, stored grain and vegetables. In vegetable gardens and on fields people sowed corn, oats, turnips, wheat and potatoes. Inhabitants of the village went in a city to sell a crop. For this purpose they sat down on the ferry on which they got over through the river Chusovaja. It is necessary to notice that at high waters inhabitants had to reach destinations by boats.

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Among inhabitants of village were as factory workers: Turners, mechanics etc., - and those who worked in collective farm. Unfortunately, in the village was not neither a chapel, nor a school, therefore people went to the next village Galkino Gorodishche. Before flooding of the village the inhabitants had been moved in the Ordzhonikidzevsky area, settlement Janvarsky and the Industrialny area, the microdistrict Stakhanovsky. But many inhabitants did not want to leave native places and consequently transferred the houses to nearby villages and settlements.

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