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Ages 5, 6, 4
FieldActivity Computational Thinker
Purpose Мини-язык для обучения
Visual_Text_Blocks Блоки-Иконки
Dimension 3D
Openness Открытый
Address https://piktomir.ru/
Ancestors Kumir
ActiveNow Project is active
Remixing? No

Freely distributed multiplatform educational and gaming system PictoMir was developed in the SRISA RAS, allowing preschoolers of the age 6+ to master a basic set of programming concepts: program, subroutine, repeater, feedback, command-orders and command-questions, branching, repeaters, counters.The Pictomir system is used as part curriculum of algorithmic programming in preschool and elementary classes. The next part of the course for middle and senior schools is the school algorithmic language (the Kumir system).

Персональные инструменты
Акция час кода 2018

организаторы проекта