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Walking along the bank of the river Kama, you cannot help noticing an old manor. House of Meshkov is situated in the exact historical center of city Perm. This mansion attained its name in honor of merchant and patron of art – Nikolay Vasilievich Meshkov.

House of Meshkov

This building has a great and complicated history. It stayed through at least two fires – one in year 1820 and in 1842. Moreover, the construction was out of use for 40 years, and only in 1885 was redeemed by the City Treasury. Then in 1887 came to use of merchant Meshkov, who sent a request of reconstructing a house into a City Duma.

The house was built in 1820 with the plan of Sviyazev in Late Russian Classicism. Then it was rebuilt in 1889 with the influence of Modernis by Alexander Bonaventurovich Turchevich. Besides, the beautiful Rotunda was built, but was demolished during Soviet Times. Walls are layered; outer and inner layers are made with bricks filled by larch. The façade is facing the river. The silhouette is clear and precise. The mansion is located so, that the bias of a roadway gives majestic asymmetry to the building . Planes of walls, plat bands of windows, arched frames, eaves, capitals, pilasters, a parapet, a lattice of fencing – are all covered with stucco moldings or have wrong curvilinear outlines. Rooms are also decorated with ceiling molding. Due to its furnishing, the mansion draws attention of those who pass by.

Exposition in Perm Museum of Studing Local Art

The House has been owned by many outstanding people. This house was a witness of many pictures by A. K. Denisov-Uralsky, which were exhibited, such as “Forest Fire”. The picture stayed in places such as Russian embassy in USA, HQ of 3rd Army of the Eastern Front. The House of Meshkov was a place to contain such institutions as Hotel “Ural”, Medical Faculty of PSU. For some time it was owned by Perm River Shipping Company. By the end of the 2007 Perm Museum of Studying Local Lore has become permanent owner of this wonderful old building – home for a huge part of Perm history.

Perm Museum of Studying Local Lore on a map

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