Move the Turtle

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Ages 12
FieldActivity Empowered Learner, Computational Thinker
Purpose Мини-язык для обучения
Visual_Text_Blocks Блоки-Иконки
Dimension 2D
Openness Открытый
Ancestors Logo
ActiveNow Project is active
Remixing? No

Move the Turtle
Enter Move the Turtle, a graphical app for the iPhone and iPad for beginners to learn programming concepts in a hands-on, non-theoretical way. The app consists of giving instructions to a turtle who moves around the screen trying to capture diamonds. It teaches basic programming concepts through a game type interface. Kids can try out their programs and see them run visually on the screen as the turtle moves about. They can then edit their program to complete the given task. The turtle can be sped up or slowed down, depending on the length of the program.

Programming for Kids on the iPhone and iPad

  • By completing the tasks, one after another, the child learns how to plan complex operations composed of simple & intuitive commands.
  • Kids will get familiar with the notions of loops, procedures, variables and conditional instructions.
  • Reuse Save your work. Learn how to make use of previously completed work again.

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Акция час кода 2018

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