Doctor Gral's monument

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In 1999-2000 the administration of the Perm region together with the Fund of doctor F.Gral organized a competition devoted to the best architectural project of a monument to doctor F.Gral, one of the founders of public health services in Perm, to a well-known doctor-philanthropist of the XIX century. The first place and the first prize in the competition was given to such contributors as a sculptor A.L.Zalazaeva and an architector A.Vozhennikova. According to the project, the monument was placed in Lenin St., near the Perm central Infirmary №2. In 2001-2002 was held a great preparing work devoted to the agreement for the project of the monument, the estimates for its manufacture, the organization of the expertise, the development of the technical conditions, exploratory work and so on. The Perm administration allocated 500 thousand rubles for the decoration of the territory around the monument. During the press conference the administration of the Fund addressed Perm citizens with request to make donations in order to help the Fund to create the monument of doctor F. Gral. The monument was cast in Minsk, where the quality of moulding, as the author of the monument A.L.Zalazaev puts it, suits the sculptor's idea and demands for the quality. Remind of the fact that our compatriot doctor Gral was one of the founders of the system of health saving in Perm. During fourty years he was a free doctor of different educational and charity organizations, he opened the first city's infirmary. With the help of doctor Gral in 1829 the region avoided the epidemic of cholera, that was spread around Russia. The first monument to doctor Gral was erected by the citizens before the Revolution on the charity money. After the Revolution the monument was destroyed. And only in 2000 the city's and the region's government with the Fund of doctor Gral organized a competition devoted to the best project of a new monument of doctor Gral. The money for its erection were collected from the donation of Perm citizens.

                                (From the book:   Селезнева В.Т.Очерки по истории медицины в Пермской Губернии. Пермь,1997)

Location of the monument: N 58° 00’19.09” E 56°12’27.23” Google Earth

Text in Russian: Памятник доктору Гралю

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