Chapter 3. Part Two. Story 1

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As the plane circled over the airport, everyone sensed that something was wrong. The plane was moving unsteadily through the air, and although the passengers had fastened their seat belts, they were suddenly thrown forward. At that moment, the air-hostess appeared. She looked very pale, but was quite calm. Speaking quickly but almost in a whisper, she informed everyone that the pilot had fainted and asked if any of the passengers knew anything about machines-or at least how to drive a car. After a moment's hesitation, a man got up and followed the hostess into the pilot's cabin. Moving the pilot aside, the man took his seat and listened carefully to the urgent instructions that were being sent by radio from the airport below. The plane was now dangerously close to the ground, but to everyone's relief, it soon began to climb. The man had to circle the airport several times in order to become familiar with the controls. But the danger had not yet passed. The terrible moment came when he had to land. Following instructions, the man guided the plane towards the airfield. It shook violently as it touched the ground and then moved rapidly across the field, but after a long run it stopped safely. Outside, a crowd of people who had been watching anxiously, rushed forward to congratulate the 'pilot' on a perfect landing.


In not more than 80 words, describe what happened after the passenger followed the hostess into the pilot's cabin.


(Moved pilot, passenger sat down.) (Listened instructions - radio below.) (When he . . ., and . . . which . . .)

(Plane dangerously low-climbed.) (Round airport several times.) (Though, and)

(Instructions – airfield.) (Then, acting on)

(Touched ground, shook violently.) (Moved rapidly, stopped safely.) (On . . ., then . . . until . . .)

(Anxious crowd-congratulate 'pilot'.) (After this)

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