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Ages 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
FieldActivity Knowledge Constructor, Innovative Designer, Computational Thinker, Creative Communicator, Global Collaborator
Purpose Мини-язык для обучения
Visual_Text_Blocks Блоки-Иконки
Dimension 3D
Openness Коммерческий
Ancestors Agentsheets
ActiveNow Project is active
Remixing? Yes

AgentCubes is an educational programming language for kids to create 3D and 2D online games and simulations. The main application of AgentCubes is as computational thinking tool teaching kids computational thinking through game and simulation design based on the Scalable Game Design curriculum. AgentCubes is inspired by Agentsheets which introduced modern drag and drop blocks programming in 1995.

AgentCubes transitioned from 2D to 3D design including highly accessible 3D modelling technology called Inflatable Icons. 3D game development can be an enticing way to attract K-12 students to computer science, but designing and programming 3D games is far from trivial. Students need to achieve a certain level of 3D fluency in modeling, animation, and programming to be able to create compelling 3D content. The combination of innovative end-user development tools and standards-based curriculum that promotes IT fluency by shifting the pedagogical focus from programming to design, can address motivational aspects without sacrificing principled educational goals.

AgentCubes Online - Summer Camp Lessons - Lesson Plans
Ecological Simulations like in StarLogo Nova

Серьезный минус - платный ресурс

Reuse and remix

User can play, design or edit exiting project

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  • Created: December 9, 2015
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  • Ioannidou A., Repenning A., Webb D.C. AgentCubes: Incremental 3D End-user Development // J. Vis. Lang. Comput. 2009. Vol. 20, № 4. P. 236–251.

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