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Статья с названием на русском языке - текст на русском языке (и наоборот)

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Welcome to Jamrock!


Something new

I am glad to meet you here! Here you are going to learn a lot of new things about Jamaica. Beaches with white sand, blue Carribean sea, marvelous waterfalls, reggae tunes will leave unforgettable impression on those who visit this place. What is sad about this place is that noone wants to leave it and go back to his or her motherland. This island has a lot of different recreational activities for tourists and explorers... Huge amount of stories to tell, a lot of burning Jamaican energy and wonderful mood -that is whet you get visiting this place. Have you ever wanted to dance away all the problems? To forget about what bothers you? You definitely WILL coming here!! The language, the tunes you can hear here, smiles on the people's faces all these make you feel relaxed and satisfied with your own life. NO HESITATION!!! RIGHT NOW!!! START PLANNING YOUR JOURNEY!!!

Waah gwaa??

Main Regions

  • Ocho Rios
  • Black River
  • Kingston
  • Westmoreland


Best Cooks Ever

Jackie Hibbert

Andre Hibbert

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