Герои Джека Лондона и люди нашего региона

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Jack London’s heroes and people of our region

Jack London’s works are very popular in our country. They are full of love and respect to people. His stories are penetrated with deep humanism, hope in strength and opportunities of people, striving for justice.

Jack London’s heroes are from working surrounding, but they have genuine humanism, frank and rich soul, they are gifted and talented, feel sincere senses, strive for full life. In them London shows his person’s ideal – brave, with clean soul, disinterested, who can die for other people. All these traits of character are included in people of our region. In his books the author tells about severe and strong North people, he admires their friendship and confidence. His heroes are modern nowadays. They are very similar to us, Siberian people. For example, Jack London’s heroes in book “The Son of the Wolf: Tales of the Far North” fight for existence at the North and try to find gold. And our compatriots arrived in Siberia, hoping to obtain oil and gas. Their dreams have become true. They found what they were looking for. In fight with nature forces we show fearless and huge will-power. Jack London’s heroes are the same. In cruel struggle with nature these brave people show elevated human qualities: they attract us with their unconquerable life strength, they are persistent in their aim achievement and courageous front world of any dangers; they are faithful in love and devoted in friendship. Topic of majestic character, which can oppose the cruelest trials, topic of spiritual force and generosity of simple people brightly reveals in a lot of Jack London’s stories, such as “Love of Life”, “Children of the Frost”, “ The God of His Fathers”, etc. Author represents invincible brotherhood of people, who are ready in any minute to come to the rescue of comrades. Heroes of stories are able to share the last slice of bread and gladness of luck with friends. They are ready to meet death, saving hardness and courage, but don’t lose self-respect.

Such kind of brotherhood is common to people of our region. They are prototypes of Jack London’s heroes. It seems that Jack London has been here and described our region and our unique people. They are able to lofty and strong feelings, their life is full of activities and adventures; they conceive life easy and cheerfully. On their example can be brought up many generations, which include the best human qualities: character strength, honesty, generosity, courage, faithfulness to love and friendship, cleanliness and sincerity of feelings, which are ready to resist any difficulties, don’t lose hope. Just these qualities make us be true, worthy people.

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