"Творчество Джека Лондона в современной жизни"

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Творчество Джека Лондона в современной жизни

The role of J. London’s works in modern life

Reading is not a modern hobby. People prefer other activities. But there are some literary works that are still readable. I ‘m sure Jack London’s work belong to these kind of literature.
Not long ago I read Jack London’s story “The White Silence”. It’s the first work of this author I’ve ever read.
In “The White Silence” Jack London regards the problems of people’s survival in extreme conditions and relations among people.
Three people: Malemute Kid, Mason and Ruth (Mason’s wife) try to survive in conditions of very low temperatures and extreme weather conditions. But misfortune happens with Mason and he is dying slowly. Mason pleads Malemute Kid to help his wife and future child. In the end Malemute Kid is alone to face the white silence. He recollects his life, his friendship with Mason.
I think that this story reveals the truth of our life. Sometimes you must take very important decisions, which decide destinies of people. And in this story Malemute Kid must make his choice to free his friend from sufferings. But for it he must kill him. It is very difficult to come to this decision. London doesn’t speak about hesitations and feelings of his characters. His language is simple, but he gives very bright comparisons. The author gives his readers an opportunity to imagine the inner world of the characters and appreciate their greatness.
Sometimes it is very important to be alone to analyze your own problems and think about happening events. London helps us to remember it.


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