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Версия от 17:32, 18 октября 2011; Ольга Куликовских (обсуждение | вклад)

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Yaransk… a calm and tender name… [[Yaransk… a calm and tender name. It sounds unusual for strangers. I like it in the autumn rain, I like its spring and summer changes, I like it sparkling in the frost And in the flakes of falling snow, Its ancient churches, modern blocks. I like to see it change and grow. And when I walk along its streets, I think about its past and future, About people, who live and lived, And I admire its ancient beauty. I often picture in my mind: A river, very calm and slow, A fortress, forests so wild – More than 4 centuries ago. Days, years passed; the place is not the same. It saw the changes, big and little, It has preserved its charm and name. That came to it from those first people. It cannot boast many things: Huge buildings or exotic sights. It’s not the town of my dream But it’s the town of my heart!]]

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