Sibirskaya street, Perm

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Komsomol avenue, with its many shops, boutiques, cafes and restaurants is very similar to modern European streets. But in Perm there is a place where you can feel the spirit of the historic city, to see its true face and imagine yourself being in the XIX century. This place is Sibirskaya street, one of the oldest streets of Perm.


In the middle of the XVIII century through the settlement Egoshihinskyi smelter was paved path from Moscow to Siberia – so called Siberian highway. According to him the goods from the wharf on the Kama River were transported to the east, and vice versa, from Asia to the European part of Russia. The street became known as the Sibirskaya, because of the name of the tract, since it came out. Siberian lane steel build up after the formation of governorship. The first stone building became the house of I.D. Pryanishnikov (1781) and the house of vice-governor I.P. Rosing. In XIX century the street was built up actively. The most important buildings on it were the building of the Perm Exchequer, School children's stationery ministers, the provincial library of Perm, Perm management of agriculture and public property, the Noble Assembly (1837), typolithography provincial government and the escort team.

In 1802, at the main square, which was in Sibirskaya street, a stone courtyard seating was built, it began to grow into a natural bazaar. Until 1824 when the market was moved to the Black Market (now in its place is Square Ural volunteers), it was a center of trade of the city.

At the end of the XIX century the street began to acquire the value of one of the main streets of Perm. Perpendicular to the Kama River, it connected comfortable gatherings to the river port and Siberian path. Many merchants and factory owners built their houses there. In the Soviet period the street wore the name of Karl Marx, but in 1998 the original name was returned.

There are many old houses in this street, which can tell many secrets and legends, magnificent monuments and places, revealing not only the history of Perm, but of Russia. Earlier Sibirskaya street was a part of the infamous Siberian highway, which led the exiles to their places of detention in Siberia. Perm at various times was a place of exile of many great men such as Herzen, Speransky, Prince Dolgoruky Radishchev Mikhail Romanov (brother of the last Russian czar). Mikhail Romanov lived in an ordinary house in the street Siberia, here he spent his last days and was later killed.

Улица Сибирская (Пермь)

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