Tunyagin, Fyodor Vasilievich

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Tunyagin F.V. and his daughter

I would like to tell you about my grandfather, Tunyagin Fyodor Vasilievich, who took

part in the Great Patriotic War.

Tunyagin Fyodor Vasilievich was born on February, 18, 1922 in village Vorcevo,


In 1941 he leaft for the front.

During the military actions he had his leg and back injured and thus was sent to the hospital.

After the hospital he moved to Kiev where he at first studied

at the school by NKVD and after that worked in its authorities.

In 1949 he moved to Perm.In 1958 he entered

Sverdlovsky Technical University and later got in charge of the mine in the Urals.

He died in Perm in 1981.

Tunyagin F.V. was awarded the medal "For Courage" and order "Red Star"

                                            Tunyagin's military path

Tunyagin's history in Russian

Tunyagin's history in German

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