Rachev, Georgy

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War! The great weapon of destruction and tragedy…War, sweeping everything aside: nations, continents…She says in a proud way: “I’m coming” or stealthily approaches to inflict a death wound. She obeys the caprices of fortune or the military leader’s mind, continues for thousand of years and breaks off thousand of lives. She is iron, blood, fire and the element of being purified or damaged. Her companions are bitterness and fame. Folly, absurd and the necessity to kill human beings are her horror. I would like to tell you about my great-grandfather - Rachev Georgy Makarovich, the participant of the Great Patriotic War, who heroically died under Svira (the Ukraine) in the autumn of 1943. My story is based on the reminiscences of my grandmother – the daughter of Makarovich. Childhood. My great-grandfather was born in 1918, in Komi-perm region, in Pashnya country. He was from a peasant family. He had worked at the factory that produced tanks before the War. He can be called “the company’s soul” as he was a wonderful accordion player. Youth. The great-grandfather married early. The daughter, Tamara by name, was born soon afterwards, whom he loved, took care of and carried in his arms. He paid much attention to her health and life in every letter from the front. In every letter he asked his mother to take care of Tamara.

Call-up. In the autumn of 1941 he received the call-up papers from the Recruiting office – the War began. It was high time to go to the front. He took only warm clothes and necessary things. All the members of the family saw him off. The meeting took place in Kudymkar.

Rachev G.M. at the beginning of the War

It was the last time when the grandmother saw her father, sat on his shoulders. She was 6. They went to Perm from Kudymkar, where the tank corps was organized. From Perm they went to the front at once, already in the tanks. The great-grandfather was the commander of the tank company. He wrote letters very often, where he described the fights and told how many people, especially young, died. He told about boys, without moustaches, defending their Motherland in a brave way. His daughter wrote a poem on the basis of the great-grandfather`s sent letters, which unfortunately were not saved. Медиа:Стихотворение11.ogg : In 1943 all the crew of Georgy Makarovich was killed. The mine bombed his tank. He burnt as couldn’t`t escape from the tank. It was a heroic death. Nowadays, the number of those people, who saw the War not on the TV screens and lived it through, becomes less and less. It`s the result of passing years, wounds, and sufferings.

"There is always a place for heroic actions in our life" M.Gorky

Рачев Георгий Макарович

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