Ivantschin, Egor Vasilievich

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We would like to tell you the story of Egor Vasilievich Ivanchin who took part in the World War II.

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Egor Vasilievich Ivanchin in the 60s.

Egor Vasilievich Ivanchin was born in Chazhagogo settlement in 1923 in Gaina region and after 7 years at local school continued his studies in Gaiva region secondary school.

Since the first day of war he was eager to take part in military actions but his dreacame true only in year.

He was recruited to the Red Army and enrolled as a cadet to the Chelabinsk flying school. In April, 1942 Egor Vasilievich was directed to the front-line forces and took part in anty facist invaders operations first as an intelligent officer of the 73d fortified region unit and the 8th shooting brigade; then he became gunner of the 7th guards aviation regiment of the 230th attack aviation division of the 4th army air forces. He finished his military services in May, 1947 and returned to Gaini settlement in June. About 219 fellow-villager of his parished fitghing th facist invaders. A monument was erected in 1960 to commemorated the dead.

Egor Vasilievich Ivanchin was awarded for the service in battle with a medal" For heroic labour during the WWII, 1941 - 1945.", " For labour heroism", " For battle honour", " For the Victory over the Germany in WWII 1941 - 1945.", "WWII 60 years anniversary 1941 - 1945."and others.

                                      Egor Vasilievich Ivanchin's MILITARY ROUT

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