Galiagin, Spartak Pavlovich

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Spartak with his father and stepmother

I would like to tell you about Galiagin Spartak Pavlovich, who had a long and interesting life. He participated in the Great Patriotic War. Unfortunately, this person has already died and some information of his biography got lost. His wife , Galiagina Iraida Borisovna, told us the following about her husband.

Spartak Ivanovich was born on February 17 in 1925, in the family of a military officer in the town Viksa that’s in Niznii Novgorod. His father was a colonel, his step mother was a housewife and he never got to know his real mother. In 1939 his father was sent to raise the agriculture in Perm region, to village Asovo, as a director of Asovo forestry. Spartak studied in the Asovo secondary school. In 1939 World War II started. In 1940 his father was called up to the army in force. He faced first battles near the boarder and got lost . The last time he was seen was in Belorussia bogs. On July 22 in 1941 the Great Patriotic War began. The school in Asov was closed and Spartak went to school in village Berezovka, which was 25 kilometers away from Asovo. In December 1941 he was given a school certificate and was called up to the army.

Spartak was not sent to the front straight away. He found himself in the aviation collage in Magnitogorsk. Later he became an instructor. He flew himself and taught others how to fly an aircraft. Then Spartak was sent to the army in force. He participated in the Kursk battle and in battles in Belorussia’s front. In Kurskaya battle his left hand was wounded.
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Spartak as an instructor in a aviation college
In 1945 he , with the stomach ulcer, got to a Leningrad hospital where he met the ending of the war. He got health problems during all his life. After the war Spartak was in Leningrad on a military service. He got back to his village in 1946. In the village, Spartak became the master on the factory. Then he was sent to Perm as a director of forestry in political aspect. In 1951 he got married and in 1952 his first son Kostia was born. In 1954 Spartak was enrolled in Sverdlovskii university of professional development. The whole family moved to Sverdlovsk, there their second son Paul was born. In 1957 Spartak became a director of Krasnovisherskiy forestry and the family got to live in Krasnovishersk. There the third son, Dmitry, was born. In 1965 Spartak was sent to Dobrianka as a director of the house-building centre. Only in 1973 Spartak came back to Perm with his family and lived here till the rest of his life.
Spartak with the wife and his three sons(Kostia,Paul,Dima)

In 1997 the doctors found the lung cancer and soon after one of Spartak’s lungs was eliminated. He lived eight more years after the operation and died on September 19 in 2005. Spartak led a very interesting life. He changed a lot of working places and visited many cities. He achieved a lot in life as well. He protected our motherland. Spartak was a very versatile person. He loved to cut different things from the wood. He made boxes, pictures , figures of animals and vessels. All the things that he made with his own hands he presented to his relatives as a memory gift. Everyone will remember Spartak as a man who doughtily protected his country and together with it his nearest and dearest and all the people. Due to such brave warriors, who gave their lives for us, we are leading a happy life. There’s a song in the family album, which Spartak Pavlovich used to sing very often after the war…When he was singing this song he got tears in his eyes...

Spartak's war way

Галягин, Спартак Павлович

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