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Title - Policy Recommendations


Key words


In formulating our framework for categorizing the ways that novices use block-based languages, we looked to the literature and found two distinct dimensions along which mediational roles differ that could lead to a productive classification that fit our emerging findings.


Мы предложили учитилям различные способы классификации средств начального обучения программированию.

// To develop and validate this framework, we conducted a study asking programming novices to play RoboBuilder, program-to-play game in which writing programs is the main mechanism of gameplay.

Taxonomy of programming environments for novices




Student quotations and vignettes are presented here to describe the /CT4G/ experience, but no claim is made that these data are representative of all students’ experiences with /CT4G/ as a whole.

These brief vignettes show examples of how computing can align with, and leverage, existing student interests and ideas to enable new forms of Making and computational participation.


  1. Network science was examined by the National Research Council (NRC), the arm of the US National Academies in charge of offering policy recommendation to the US government.
    • These reports not only documented the emergence of a new research field, but highlighted the field’s role for science, national competitiveness and security.


Средства обучения началам программированию имеют серьезное значение, поскольку они попутно с умением кодировать формируют установки мышления и воздействуют наше поведение


  • Additionally, while computer science classrooms might seem the most natural environment for computational thinking, embedding computational thinking practices in mathematics gives this work potential for broader impacts.
  • By situating mathematical learning in a computational microworld, and encouraging learners to employ computational thinking practices in pursuit of mathematical understanding, we demonstrate the mutually supportive nature of computational thinking and the mathematical habits of mind that are the goal of mathematics classrooms.

Growing diversity of what CS looks like in the 21st century

As part of a yearlong computing course, students engage in Maker activities, participatory simulations, and computing projects that foreground the social and collaborative aspects of CS. Collectively, these activities are designed to introduce learners to the growing diversity of what CS looks like in the 21st century.

  • Using engaging materials and hands-on activities and exploring, introductory computing topics including big data, Web programming, and agent-based modeling, this course provides a wide array of pathways into computing, introducing learners to powerful computing ideas while aiming to shift perceptions of the field of CS.

CS & Making

Rewrite it

The constitutive role of language and tools on cognition has long been a topic of research. A central theme of Vygotsky’s sociocultural theory of mind was the claim that mental functioning is mediated by tools and signs. “The sign acts as an instrument of psychological activity in a manner analogous to the role of tool in labor” [13, p. 52].

  • Vygotsky claimed that mental functioning is mediated by tools and signs.

diSessa [1] calls this Material Intelligence, saying “we can instill some aspects of our thinking in stable, reproducible, manipulable, and transportable physical form” (p. 6). Work looking at the relationship between signs (or more broadly representations) and cognition has delineated the particularities of how representations are bound up with knowledge, learning, tasks and uses [1, 11, 12, 14-16]. Similar work focusing on the design of programming languages has shown how various features of the representation, be they visual [17, 18], semantic [19], or syntactic [20], all influence the ease of use of the resulting language.

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