Chapter 2. Story 1

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A guide warned us that we would have to climb 937 steps to reach the top of the ancient tower. At first we started counting the steps ourselves, but we soon lost patience. We occasionally passed small windows cut into the wall. As these gave little light, we felt as if we were going round and round a dark tunnel. It was good to get out into the fresh air at last. From the top there was an excellent view of the grounds of the castle and of the surrounding countryside. In the distance, we could just see the remains of an ancient wall; beyond this, we saw a park in which deer were wandering freely. Immediately below us, there was a big ditch with a bridge across it. The bridge was full of people not enemy soldiers, but peaceful tourists like ourselves who had come to visit the castle and its famous tower.


Your answer must not be more than 69 words.

1. Was it a long climb to the top of the ancient tower or not ? Was the view of the castle grounds and the countryside very good from there, or was it very bad ? (but)

2. Could we see a park beyond an old wall, or could we see a garden?

3. What kinds of animals were there ?

4. What was just below us?

5. Was the bridge full of tourists, or was it full of soldiers ?

6. What did they want to see?

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