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Черты национального характера (Points of national character)

Class system in Great Britain

Some things about Britain make sense only to the British. The one of the most widespread stereotypes about Great Britain is about class system. It says that there are three divisions in Britain with some “in between” variations: upper, middle and lower (working) class, and British people are very conscious of class differences. The different classes in Great Britain tend to it different food at different time of the day, they like to talk about different topics, they enjoy different sports and have different ideas about the correct way to behave. The easiest way to guess the class to which the person belongs to is to listen to the way he or she speaks. It can be expressed in person’s accent or vocabulary. There is also a big problem to move from one class to another because of previous labels. The class division isn’t connected with financial state of a person.

English people are crazy about their animals

Britain is a nation of animal lovers. They have about five million dogs, almost as many cats, 3 million parrots and other cage birds, aquarium fish - and 1 million exotic pets such as reptiles. In Britain they have special dog shops selling food, clothes and other things for dogs. There are dog hair-dressing saloons and dog cemeteries. In Britain pets can send Christmas cards to their friends, birthday cards. Owners can buy for their pets jeweled nylon collars, lambs wool coat for a dog, lace-trimmed panties, nightgowns, pajamas, and so on. There are special animal hotels at the airports. The English people believe that they are the only nation on the earth that is really kind to its animals. English people buy pets only for the company. They it vital at least because only with four-footed house favorites at most of Englishman develop the most sincere gentle relations of what only representatives of this nation in general are capable, is far not always able normally to communicate with each other. Englishmen perfectly find the general language with animals though at times they not in a condition to find common language with own children. The best places the cosiest and warm corners, perfect pieces – all is given to pets, as the by itself understood. British spend about 1, 7 billion pounds sterling a year for food for the pupils. Pets can do everything what they want in home, when children, most likely, will be severely punished, if their tricks notice. Animals initially would be considered incapable on what that there was a bad act. So, when the dog bites the person the person, even if it only the passer-by is guilty always. And if it even is absolutely brutally bitten, associates will be on the party of the owner of a dog. Cruel treatment with animals causes disgust in Englishmen. In England there are huge populations of birds and wild animals which are preserved by the state and people. On charitable money numerous shelters for dogs and cats are opened, them collect everywhere and grant them a refuge, feed and cherish them. This stereotype about English people exists many years. And there is nobody not a secret that Englishmen very much love animal, together with wild animals. Tourists when come to England at once notice the relation of Englishmen to animals.

Englishman is always polite

There are common opinion that Englishman is asolutly polite and calm in any situation. You have never heard rudes from them. It is in gen of this nation.Bisides, often their polite is false, artifical. This isn't against fact before, but his annoying, rude, anger can be notice in their families. (team "Logos", 11 form student Asiya Khairullina)

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