Vaskino school (Suksun, Perm region)

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Nowadays more and more rural schools get closed. And it is a real tragedy for villagers. That is why this problem becomes very important. We would like to show you the consequences of the actions illustrating by means of the example of the Vaskino school of Suksun of Perm region.

Vaskino village is quite a remote place. But from the ethnographers’ point of view it can hardly be called so. Thousands of Mari leave there, but their culture is quite different from Mari-El. For quite a long period or time this school has been the only one, where the Mari language was taught.

Since the beginning of the academic year only the primary school has been left, as for the secondary school it will be closed. And the pupils have to go to another village, to Suzranka, which is 15 km far. Unfortunately, the Mari language won’t be taught. Everyone understands how it is important to study the language and the culture of your nation. Besides, we shouldn’t deprive children of these opportunities. The school will be closed not only because of the children shortage, but because of the threat of fall as the building is wooden and rather old.

For the villagers this school is a centre of Mari-El culture and even the place of meeting of the ethnic minority in Perm region. Moreover, they are afraid that after the closing of the school the whole community will die out.

Школа села Васькино (Суксунский район, Пермский край)

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