The Republic of Komi

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The Republic of Komi

1. Before reading the text what you can tell us on the following?

1) Where do the Komi people live? (Geographically)

2) What do they do? (Their main occupation)

2. You are given the synonyms of the following words to understand the text better.

      ridge [ridç] –                        syn. chain of mountains
      to comprise   -                      syn:  to include
      frigid (climate) -                   syn: very cold
      inaccessible[ֽinæk′sesəbl] - syn: distant

3. Read the text and check if you were correct.

[[Komi is a Permic-speaking people living mainly between the Pechora and Vychegda rivers, southeast of the White sea, in the northern European area of Russia. They speak a Permic language of the Finno - Ugric branch of the Uralic family. The Komi comprise three major groups: the Komi – Zyryan (or Permyaks) of Komi – Permyak province to the south; and the Komi-Yazua to the east of the oblast and the south of Komi Republic. The economic activities of the Komi vary from reindeer herding, hunting, fishing and lumbering in the north (with a mining centre above the Arctic Circle at Vorkuta) to agriculture, industry, and mining in the South. The Komi have been normally Orthodox since the 14th century. The severity of the frigid climate and their inaccessible geographic location kept them culturally isolated, until after World War II. The population is denser, more mixed with other groups, and more assimilated in the southern areas, and Russianization is increasing among the younger generation. Komi is the Republic in northwestern Russia. Syktyvkar is the capital. The Republic extends from the crest line of the Northern Urals on the east to the Timan Ridge of the upper basin of the Mezen and Vychegda rivers on the west. The Republic lies mainly in the flat, featureless basin of the Pechora River.]]

                                                                                 (Taken from the Encyclopedia Britannica)

Pronounce the following words:

severity [si′veriti] - суровость (климата, погоды)

lumbering [′lëmb(ə)riŋ ] - рубка леса; лесоразработки

reindeer herding

4. Could you tell us if the statements are true or false?

1 – Komi is a Finnish-speaking people.

2 – They belong to the Finno-Ugrian language family.

3 – The Komi have always been Orthodox.

4 – The economic activities of the Komi is rather scanty.

5 - The Republic lies mainly in the mountainous region.

5. Complete the following sentences:

1. Komi is a Permic-speaking people living….

2. They speak…

3. The Komi comprise…

4. The economic activities…

5. The severity of the frigid climate…

6. Komi is the Republic…

7. The Republic lies…

6. Make up a short story with the help of the following word-combinations:

a Permic-speaking people; speak a Permic language; comprise; vary from… to…; the frigid climate; inaccessible geographic location; keep …culturally isolated; extends from…to…; lies mainly in… .

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