The Level of Health Service in Russia

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In fact the Russian Federation is the largest country in the world with weakth of natural resourses such as oil, gas, coal, timber and different minerals. Inspite of this fact the level of health service is too low. Since 1991, when the USSR changed into the Russian Federation, the health status of the Russian population has dramatically declined. Rates of tubercolosis, cancer and heart diseases are the highest among all European countries. In 1960s spending on healthcare somewhere about 7% of GNP but since the break-up it has reduced to approximately 3%. Despite the poor healthcare and the low level of service, Russia has pioneered some of the most specialased fields of medicine in recent times, including laser eye surgery and different developments and breakthroughs in relation to heart surgery. More over in 2006 the Russian government launched a national project plan that aims were to improve 4 sectors of Russian life, one of which was health care. It approved an additional $3 billion in spending on healthcare to cover salary increases for doctors and nurses, the purchase of new equipment for high-tech medical centres in Russian outlying regions.

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