Present Simple

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The Present Simple tense is used in science writing to state accepted facts and truths — but what qualifies as an accepted fact or truth is oft en, surprisingly, your decision. Sometimes the writer considers that research findings have the status of a fact; in that case, s/he can decide to state them in the Present Simple, usually followed by the appropriate research reference.

To demonstrate schedules or specific times, a time may be placed after the verb, with frequency adverbs such as every or most.

  • I run along the beach every Saturday morning.
  • We meet in the town hall most afternoons.

It is important to use the present simple for these verbs instead of continuous tenses, even though they may be temporary.

there are many common states that use the simple tenses instead of continuous tenses. They can be grouped to demonstrate states of mind (suppose, think, believe, understand, know, want, love, hate, need, like, prefer), existence or possession (be, have, exist, belong, own) and senses (feel, smell, seem, taste, appear, look).
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