Kazanbaev, Sharifzyan Gabdurahmanovich

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Hero of the Soviet Union Kazanbaev Sharifzyan Gabdurahmanovich

(Barda region Perm krai)

Hero of the Soviet Union Kazanbaev Sharifzyan Gabdurahmanovich.png

I am Aygul Almukhametova, I live in the village of Barda in Perm kraii. In 1941, from my district 7000 people went to the front and those who returned were awarded medals for courage and heroism. I would like to tell you about Sharifzyan Kazanbaev. Hero of the Soviet Union Kazanbaev Sharifzyan Gabdurahmanovich was born in 1916 in the village Sarash in Barda district in Perm Kraii into a peasant family.He is Tartar.

In 1938 he was drafted into the Red Army by Barda district military registration and enlistment office.He is a member of the Great Patriotic War in 1941. He fought at Voronezh, North West.In steppe and the 2nd Ukrainian Front. By the spring of 1944 Guard Petty Officer Kazanbaev -commander of the commandant platoon of the 14th Guards Airborne Regiment. Particularly distinguished himself in battles for the liberation of Moldova. March 31, 1944 the regiment, which served as a guard sergeant Kazanbaev, made a raid behind enemy lines, captured the village Chokyltyany (Orhei region of Moldavia) and straddled the highway. Guardsmen holding the highway, reflecting a counterattack by superior enemy forces. When the outskirts of the village and stormed the enemy position became worse, the chief of staff set the task of separation Kazanbaeva save the regimental banner. Guard Kazanbaev with subordinates began to fight towards the advancing units. Survivors are one and being severely wounded, Kazanbaev buried the banner in the ground, although he was unable to get up, he continued to defend the banner and he killed 14 fascists. When he was picked up by a cavalry patrol, he told the officer where the regimental shrine. Then he died because of severe wound.

The obelisk for Hero of the Soviet Union Kazanbaev Sharifzyan Gabdurahmanovich in Barda district in village Sarashi.png

He was buried in the village Chokyltyany, Moldaviya. On the place of his death was set a monument. Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet on September 13, 1944, for the exemplary performance of command assignments in front of the struggle against fascists, and for his courage and heroism of the guard sergeant Kazanbaevu Sharifzyanu Gabdurahmanovichu awarded posthumously the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.He was awarded the Order of Lenin medal.

In his native village was set an obelisk for Hero and his fellow victims. By the name of the Hero is named street and secondary school in the village Sarashi, the school’s museum named after Kazanbaev.

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