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  • Wikigram as a Conversational Tool
  • Using Vignettes Augmented by Wikigrams as Conversational Tool


Maps and diagrams have long been used by science and education. Modern methods and tools of network science allow to deeper understand collaboration because relations between agents of activity are represented as a map. For many collaborative educational systems maps of relations between agents and activity products are built automatically. However, these diagrams are not used in educational practice. This paper presents examples of how automatically generated sociograms augments vignettes about the collaboration of students and teachers.

Key words


In formulating our framework for categorizing the ways that novices use block-based languages, we looked to the literature and found two distinct dimensions along which mediational roles differ that could lead to a productive classification that fit our emerging findings.



These brief vignettes show examples of how wikigrams can leverage student interests to enable new forms of computational reflexion.



Student vignettes are presented here to describe the experience, but no claim is made that these data are representative of all students’ experiences with /CT4G/ as a whole.

These brief vignettes show examples of how computing can align with, and leverage, existing student interests and ideas to enable new forms of Making and computational participation.



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