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Constructionism, conceived and articulated by Seymour Papert, argues in favor of learning through the creation and sharing of meaningful artifacts.

Constructionism shares constructivism's connotation of learning as `building knowledge structures' irrespective of the circumstances of the learning. It then adds that this happens especially felicitously in a context where the learner is consciously engaged in constructing a public entity, whether it's a sandcastle or a theory of the universe... (Papert & Harel, 1991).

Productive agency

  • Based on a review of the literature, we posit that in addition to the well-documented pedagogical power of learner-driven inquiry, the aesthetic and playful qualities of many making activities may operate to create a particularly low barrier for participation.

The research literature consistently references both constructivism (Piaget) and constructionism (Papert) as core pedagogical drivers of making (e.g., Martinez & Stager, 2013; Resnick & Rosenbaum, 2013). Constructivism refers to the ways in which understanding is constructed by the individual learner through a wide variety of experiences; this mode of learning is contrasted with what Papert called instructionism which views understanding as being developed through transmission of facts from one person to another. Constructionism posits that the experience and process of building something physical or digital provides a rich context for developing and representing understanding.

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