Chapter 3. Part One. Story 2

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It was years since I had visited my home town and I was deter­mined to enjoy my stay. I went to see my old friend, Tom Clark who, among other things, was a member of the Local Council. At the time Tom was busy making arrangements for a dis­tinguished writer to give a talk on modern literature at the town library. As the subject interested me a great deal, I gladly accepted Tom's invitation to go with him. Tom was going to introduce the guest speaker and that evening we went to the library to meet him. Since he had not yet arrived, I left Tom and went into the Reading Room where a large audience had already gathered. I was disappointed to find that I did not know a single person there. Just before the talk was due to begin, I saw Tom waving to me from the doorway. I went to him immediately, as he looked very worried. He explained that he had just received a telephone message from the writer's secretary. Our guest speaker had missed the train and would be unable to come! While we were thinking about the problem, Tom suddenly asked me if I would mind acting as speaker. I hardly had time to think about the matter when I found I was being led into the Reading Room to address the waiting audience! (230 words)


Your answer must not be more than 86 words.

1. Whom did I go and see when I returned to my home town after many years' absence? (On returning . . . ) 2. Whom had Tom invited to give a talk at the local library? 3. Did the subject interest me or not ? Did he ask me to go with him? (As the subject . . . ) 4. Who telephoned that evening just before the talk was about to begin? Would the speaker be able to come or not? (That evening . . . to say that) 5. Did Tom then suggest that I should address the audience or not? Where did he lead me? (and)

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