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Krasnoufimsk is situated in Sverdlovskaya province and nearly boarders on Perm Kray. There are a great many sights in the town but one of the most magnificent and imposing is Aleksandr Nevsky Temple. The history of the temple begins since 1881 when Krasnoufimsk`s authorities ordered to build a temple in honor of Aleksanr Nevsky so as to commemorate the great deeds of Aleksandr the second, a tsar- liberator, who was cruelly killed by the members of “Narodnaya Volya” . In 1901 a building committee was organized which consisted generally of merchants. In 1903 the temple was blocked up and in 1916 the building was completely finished. By the blessing of Right Reverend Andronik, the Perm’s and Solikamsk’s bishop, the temple was sanctified by Aleksey Budrin, the priest of Krasnoufimsk Svyato-Troitsk Cathedral. The temple was built in Russian borocco style: tetrahedral, open- work, forged, gilded crosses tower above the domes of bulbous form. The otrahedral belfry was ended with the hipped overhead cover and a dome. Three alter apses were directed to the east. The temple was very high and light inside. The walls, the arches, the columns, the alter and the drums of the dome shone with marvelous whiteness. The light fell from the vault of heaven. Carved Royal Gates, the columns, exquisite fretwork sparkled like gold and beautified the iconostasis. The image of The Savior, painted by a well- known artist V. P. Vereshagin for the main hospital and a great icon named “Mother of God” captured people’s attention. Magnificent, elaborately painted icons of the Saints: Seraphim Sarovsky, Sergii Radonezhskii, Semeon Verhotursky and others- beautified the church greatly. On the sixth of January 1930 Aleksandro-Nevsky Temple together with Svyato-Troitsk Cathedral was sealed up. It was unbearably painful for the parishioners’ amazed look. The temple was reconstructed and as a result it lost its former beauty and spaciousness. The mournful silence of dead young and beautiful building fell. The new hosts were solicitous about the building and repaired it at times. For example, significant restoration work was made in 1977- 1978. But the most important was that due to the museum the temple was not destructed. Since September 1990 till April 1992 an embittered discussion took place between the opponents and the supporters of the transmission of the temple to the parishioners. The fight lasted till 1995. In the end on the 5th of December 1995 in the honor of A.. Nevsky the solemn ceremony of worship was carried out in the right side-alter of the temple. But the building continued to be the museum. Only after a year the museum was turned into a temple again

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