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AgentCubes + , Agentsheets + , AlgoBlock + , AlgoBrix + , AppLab + , Asking questions of a professor that help disambiguate a vague research assignment + , Become familiar with age-appropriate criteria for evaluating digital content + , Blockly + , Collaborate with a teacher to employ appropriate research techniques to locate digital resources + , Conducting effective preliminary information searches to help frame a research statement + , Deciding the extent to which a collection of resources sufficiently covers a research area + , Deciding what types of resources might yield the most useful information for a particular need + , Distinguishing a clear, concise and topical research question from poorly framed questions + , Efficiently browsing one or more resources to locate pertinent information + , Engage in a design process and employ it to generate ideas + , Evaluating whether a database contains appropriately current and pertinent information + , Explore a variety of teacher-selected tools to organize information + , Explore real-world issues and problems and actively pursue an understanding of them and solutions for them + , Explore real-world issues and problems and share their ideas + , Explore real-world problems and issues and collaborate with others to find answers or solutions + Сфера деятельности


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