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Actively seek performance feedback from people + , Analyze age-appropriate data + , Articulate personal learning goals, select and manage appropriate technologies to achieve them + , Ask questions, suggest solutions, test ideas to solve problems + , Become familiar with age-appropriate criteria for evaluating digital content + , Begin to transfer their learning to different tools or learning environments + , Break a problem into parts and identify ways to solve the problem + , Break down problems into smaller parts, identify key information and propose solutions + , Break problems into component parts, identify key pieces and use that information to problem solve + , Build a network of experts and peers within school policy + , Collaborate with a teacher to employ appropriate research techniques to locate digital resources + , Communicate complex ideas clearly using various digital tools + , Create digital artifacts to communicate ideas visuall + , Create original works and learn strategies for remixing + , Create original works or responsibly repurpose other digital resources into new creative works + , Demonstrate an ability to persevere and handle greater ambiguity as they work to solve open-ended problems + , Demonstrate an understanding of how automation works + , Demonstrate an understanding of the role an online identity plays in the digital world + , Demonstrate an understanding of what personal data is + , Demonstrate an understanding of what personal data is and how to keep it private and secure + Source of Competence


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