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Это свойство типа Страница. Свойство указывает источник - в рамках какого документа (организация или автор доклада) была представлена данная компетенция. Список расширяется.

Для данного свойства допускаются следующие значения:

  • ISTE
  • ФГОС
  • ACRL
  • ACTS21
  • TEL
  • OECD
  • Jenkins

Страницы, использующие свойство “Source of Competence”

Отображаются 25 страниц, использующие это свойство.

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Actively seek performance feedback from people +ISTE  +
Analyze age-appropriate data +ISTE  +
Appropriation (the ability to meaningfully sample and remix media content) +Jenkins  +
Arranging personnel information into an organizational chart +ACRL  +
Articulate personal learning goals, select and manage appropriate technologies to achieve them +ISTE  +
Ask questions, suggest solutions, test ideas to solve problems +ISTE  +
Asking questions of a professor that help disambiguate a vague research assignment +ACRL  +


Become familiar with age-appropriate criteria for evaluating digital content +ISTE  +
Begin to transfer their learning to different tools or learning environments +ISTE  +
Break a problem into parts and identify ways to solve the problem +ISTE  +
Break down problems into smaller parts, identify key information and propose solutions +ISTE  +
Break problems into component parts, identify key pieces and use that information to problem solve +ISTE  +
Build a network of experts and peers within school policy +ISTE  +


Categorizing emails into appropriate folders based on a critical view of the emails contents +ACRL  +
Collaborate with a teacher to employ appropriate research techniques to locate digital resources +ISTE  +
Collective intelligence +Jenkins  +
Communicate complex ideas clearly using various digital tools +ISTE  +
Comparing advertisements, emails or websites from competing vendors by summarizing information into a table +ACRL  +
Conducting effective preliminary information searches to help frame a research statement +ACRL  +
Create digital artifacts to communicate ideas visuall +ISTE  +
Create original works and learn strategies for remixing +ISTE  +
Create original works or responsibly repurpose other digital resources into new creative works +ISTE  +
Creating a data display to clarify the relationship between academic and economic variables +ACRL  +
Creating a presentation slide to support a position on a controversial topic +ACRL  +


Deciding the extent to which a collection of resources sufficiently covers a research area +ACRL  +
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