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What makes people happy?

First of all, I’d like to try to find out what happiness really means. But most probably I’ll fail to say exactly. And I’m afraid that somebody who knows can hardly be found. A dictionary gives us next definition: you are happy when you feel pleased and relaxed with no worries, satisfied that something is good and right. But again we don’t see the answer. What does “something” in the definition mean? Your clothes, shoes, beautiful make up or maybe your closest people(family, relatives, best friends) or health. And talking about “to feel pleased and relaxed with no worries”. If the author wants to say that sitting in a comfortable arm – chair in a luxurious apartment you’ll feel absolutely happy (without any thoughts, wishes and even troubles because as a rule eagerness to achieve something, to cope with some problems makes us move in our life). The author tells us nothing about the reasons, which cause feeling of pleasure and relaxation.

At the moment some proverbs come up in the mind. For instance: as many people as many opinions. Tastes differ. What else well, what is good for Russian means death for German.

In other words everybody has his own position concerning this question. For some people good health, ability to build a carrier, to work and earns money, regular holidays can make them happy. For other happiness means a successful loving marriage, a big house and a lot of friends. At previous lesson we listened to song “if you wanna be happy”. So Jimmy Soul supposed that in order to become happy you should marry an ugly woman and than make her take care of you. To my mind only inconfident and weak person can think in such a way.

I’d like to mention a type of people who find happiness while giving a helping hand to someone else. There are a lot of people especially children who need our attention, love and protection. So if we have possibility to improve their living conditions we have to use it. Sometimes we can help a person being a shoulder to cry on.

So we can choose our life style. We can have been trying to become wealthier, more successful and powerful without thinking about people around us or having earned money become a member of some charity organization. In my opinion a person can’t help being happy if around him there are those whom he made a bit happier.

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