"Jack London and his creativity"

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Jack London and his creativity.

« The north it is the north and people’s heart will obey to strange rules, which people, which did not travel in far edges, never understand »,- says Jack London- founder northern stories: «White Canine», «Iron foot», «Sea wolf» and other. Now arises the question: «Who is Jack London?», «Why did he write about North?» Jack London was born in 1876 in San Francisco in family impoverished farmer. Jack didn’t interested in creativity. From the childhood he wanted to travel. London’s young years were full of deprivations, work and adventures. When he went to school he carried newspapers, work on cannery, and became «the oyster pirate».Jack (real name John) started writing casually. According to mother he participated in competition, which hold local newspaper, and unexpectedly got first premium. Sketch «Typhoon at coast of Japan» has been printed in city’s newspaper. In 1893 went to Japan. In this time he wrote the first literary experiences: stories and sketches. In 1894 he sat in prison in USE. In 1897 Jack London has left on gold mines of far Klondike, where he wrote a series of stories about North. After it he became professional the prose of writer. And in 1913 Jack London was one of the most popular and highly paid writer in the world. London’s creativity differ the variety. He wrote novels, stories, sketches, the plays. One of the first literary works is northern stories. Events of this stories spread in the far north, within of Alaska and Canada, in edge of the Eternal Cold and White Silence. One of the main themes of northern stories- romantic opposition and bourgeois civilization. Jack London wanted to show the wild, severe North where the life is more difficult, but also is more free, where it is easier to people to breathe. In northern stories Jack London acts as magnificent master of a landscape, the original poet of the North. Jack London called the North –White silence. London tried to doing him story more realistic, truthful, that why he based on real events. In Jack’s stories simple inhabitant of North: hunters, drovers of dogs, gold digger, adventurers, tramp and animals- could be heroes. Jack London wrote many stories about animals. Such northern stories as «White Canine», «Sea wolf» and other will live eternally. London not simple told about animals, but also emphasized their ability to gratitude and love to the person. One of the most famous Jack London’s literary work in the would is story «White Canine». This story about animals and animal’s mutual relations, existing to people would, which very severe. White Canine it is small wild wolf, which has got from wood to people’s world and learnt that world of people severe. In 1914 in Mexico started the revolution. At this moment Jack London started writing Fantastic. One of the first fantastic works was novel «Martin Eden». Martin Eden – simple sailor, the native of people. He feels talent and calling and aspires to become the whiter. In the novel «Martin Eden» Jack London has reveled the realistic sights on the literature and art. His sights expresses and protects Martin Eden. He is firmly convinced that in the centre of attention of each writer there should be a life. About Jack London talk as about the rebel, the wanderer, the bulletin of great fights, the working fellow from oklendscoi suburbs, which has stepped in the literature as one of path breakers of conflicts and heroes 20th centuries and has remained in it for ever. He has brought the big contribution to development of the literature.

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